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Chefs Jordan and Aurora Coffey are reviving the Sunday Night Supper Club! Once or twice a month, join the chefs as they pour wines, crack open craft beers, shake up some hand crafted cocktails, and prepare approachable menus with a bit of an updated interpretation. A cozy, quiet, and comfortable dining experience. Live music some evenings. Themes change every dinner. Event location to change throughout dinner series with most events being held at American Harvest but special pop ups to be done with our fellow local food scene friends.

The Luminary, is chef Aurora and Jordan's brainchild, a pop-up offshoot of American Harvest that celebrates the core principles of AH and allows the duo to focus on smaller dinner parties, caterings, and private events. By definition, a luminary is, a person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere. And Jordan and Aurora hope that we can inspire those in the restaurant community and beyond to come together to celebrate good food, craft beverages, locality, seasonality, and our industry's craft as a whole. We feel a responsibility to our community to engage, educate, and celebrate in a way that promotes people to come together and enjoy the greatness of sharing a thoughtful and well crafted meal.

The Luminary is a way to shed light on the lost art of the Sunday Night Supper Club. It is a way to enjoy a gathering of people looking to sit down to nice meal and small batch liqueurs, boutique wines, and craft beers. We want to bring the excitement back to a plated coursed meal that is built around a central theme that dining with friends and family is the best social act, a great display of love, and strengthens the bonds of friendship by promoting conversation and laughter. Each meal will be well though out and each menu will change to celebrate the season, location of the supper, guest chefs or bartenders, and important time periods in culinary history.

We will do our best to accommodate food allergies but look out for special vegan and vegetarian dinners as not all themed meals will be able to be modified. Please inquire about dietary restrictions and food accommodations before buying tickets as we will not be able to refund after purchase.


Supper Week 1 July 8th: 1950's Throwback.

Featuring updated versions of the following classics:

Veal Oscar

Grasshopper Pie

Clams Casino

Steak Diane

Shrimp Cocktail

Luau Pork

Tom Collins

Brandy Alexander

and much more!!!


Sharon Ehrat